Lesson - Patient Flows Report Retriever

Researchers interested in the Patient Flows from Acute Care settings to Post Acute Care settings can pick an area of clinical interest by Clinical Grouper/Code Group and then configure settings to follow de-identified beneficiaries from Acute and Post-Acute Care settings by specific HCO’s: (i) Inpatient, (ii) Outpatient and (iii) SNF; to Post Acute Care settings by specific HCOs: (i) PPS exempt Inpatient Rehab Units, (ii) PPS exempt Swing Bed Units (iii) LTACs, (iv) Rehab Hospitals, (v) SNFs, (vi) HHA’s and (vii) Hospices. This report retriever type is intended to give researchers across the healthcare continuum quick peer-to-peer comparisons of a providers who discharge/send patients from Acute Care settings to providers who admit/receive patients into Post Acute Care settings. We are using the terms Discharge and Admit loosely as they simply define when care ends in one Acute Care or Post Acute Care setting (e.g., Inpatient and SNF = Discharge Date vs Outpatient = Thru Date) to when care begins in a different Post Acute Care setting (e.g., SNF = Admission Date vs Home Health & Hospice = State Date and/or Rev Date). Researchers can look at all beneficiary and flows (e.g., all discharges) or subsets of beneficiary flows (e.g., a specific Therapeutic Area or clinical group of interest).  Additional settings permit analyses of beneficiary subpopulations by configuring analyses to include or exclude settings based on entitlement reasons (e./g., exclude disabled and/or ESRD subjects). Providers can be compared to other providers at national, regional or local levels.  Standard benchmarking criteria includes equal counts of patients (patient-level benchmarking).  Segmentation criteria includes deciling, quintiling, quartiling and tertiling.  Reports are provided at the HCO Facility level for Medicare Providers of Services.  All reports feature aggregations of claim level data and are compliant with CMS’s small cell size suppression policies.

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