Lesson - Questions Covering the Underlying Provider Masterfile Data

What are the different provider masterfile data sets included in the PurpleLab platform?

  • PurpleLab includes:
    • HCP base demographic information: (i) identifiers, (ii) practice specialties, (iii) contact information and HCP to HCO affiliations (HCP to HCO_Groups and HCP to HCO_Facilities). PurpleLab plans to offer an expanded HCP provider profile to include: (i) education, (ii) ratings/reviews, (iii) etc.
    • HCO_Group base demographic information: (i) identifiers, (ii) practice type (single specialty versus mutli-specialty), (iii) practice specialties (e.g., multi specialty versus cardiology, (iv) contact information and HCO to HCP affiliations (HCP to HCO_Groups).
    • HCO_Facility base demographic information: (i) identifiers, (ii) provider type (hospital versus imaging center), (iii) provider specialties (e.g., cancer versus childrens versus Long Term Acute Care hospital), (iv) contact information and HCO to HCP affiliations (HCP to HCO_Facility).
  • NOTE: HCP and HCO_Facility volumetric data is derived via an analysis of the claim level data. Whereas HCO_Group data is derived via affiliations of HCPs to HCO_Groups.  Since HCPs can be affiliated to more than one HCO_Group, HCP level volumetric data can be flowed up to more than one HCO_Group.  For this reason (as well as other reasons) ggregated claims volumes will not match across HCP, HCO_Group and HCO_Facility analyses.

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