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Data Warehouse

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Whether leveraging our big data investment or your big data investment, it’s now easier and faster to harmonize and measure where and how healthcare is delivered. Our scalable, cloud-based platform delivers better, faster, and cheaper, self-service subscription-based access which you can customize to your organization’s unique needs.

Claims-based data warehouse

The Claims-based data warehouse stores 9 years of data de-identified at the patient level covering over 300+ million patients, 1.8 million HCP’s ,300,000+ HCO’s, and 98% of payers since 2010.

Three main divisions of claims data

Diagnoses – Dx
Procedures- Px
Prescriptions – Rx

Claims are further divided into three classes of claim and transaction types


Claims data is gathered from both government and non-government sources



Medicare & Medicaid



Reference Data Warehouse

The reference data warehouse holds two critical data assets, Provider and Medical Terminology reference information.  Provider Masterfiles help you gain insights into where healthcare is performed, while Medical Terminology Masterfiles help you gain insights into how healthcare is performed.

Provider Masterfile Types


1.8 million

Group Practices


Health Systems



10 Million



Core Domains of the Medical Terminology MDM & example vocabularies


4 Vocabs


10 Vocabs


12 Vocabs


8 Vocabs


29 Vocabs

Observations & Measurements

12 Vocabs

Harmonization in the cloud

Data harmonization of over 500 million concepts and 5 billion concept-to-concept relationships enabling unlimited potential for discovery and insights no matter how healthcare is coded or where healthcare is delivered.

Multiple options for self-service subscription based access

Our out-of-the-box, cloud-based solutions provide both syndicated and completely ad-hoc custom query and report templates. Take advantage of our exhaustive scale, easy access and true interoperability enabled by our multiple offerings designed to grant access and answers in just minutes.

Visualize your insights

Gain instant understanding of provider relationships and relative performances by leveraging our provider profiling platform. Our dynamic knowledge graph visualization supports enhanced understanding of provider scorecards, rankings and referral patterns.  Whether your objective is provider targeting, network optimization, “leakage” prevention or “steerage” promotion, we provide instant insights.

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